June 11, 2014

New Nike Shoes with the Science Fair 2014 Google

It is a Filipino student who revolutionized his invention. Their New Nike Shoes have the ability to recharge electronic devices.

How many times we get angry with our "smart phones" because the battery does not last all that are ready to use them. A high school student, only 15 years of solved this problem.

Angelo Casimiro, a student from the Philippines has created a workforce equipped with an electric generator which is activated by the pressure of the heel on the shoe and allows you to upload any type of mobile device, reports the Philippine Daily 'GMA News. The boy presented his project for the Science Fair 2014 Google through a video uploaded to YouTube

Casimiro think your template can be the solution to the problems of lack of electricity faced by many Filipinos. "My invention generates power to charge personal mobile devices, especially if you live in a remote district and do not have access to electricity. Can charge flashlights, phones, radios and other USB devices," says the young man in his YouTube video.

For the experiment, young piezoelectricity used a glass which when subjected to mechanical stress generates a voltage, namely 26 volts. His experiment has shown that eight hours 'jogging' can charge a battery of lithium ion 400mah (milliamps per hour).

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